One of those weeks

Yep…one of those…my ME has been apparent this week – affecting my memory and trying to close my eyelids at every opportunity.  I’ve had to be “kind” to myself and stop trying to do everything for everyone and rest when I can.   I had a missed call on my mobile and whilst a name was linked to the number – I can’t, for the life of me, remember who they are.

I’m learning more and more about prioritisation.. people who say they don’t have time for stuff – it makes me smile – one day they might realise what it’s like to really not have enough time.  When it’s too late.  I guess I refer back to the great Martini – it’s about balance.  It’s about choosing where to invest our time and where to step back and realise it’s a waste of energy.

Some lovely people have shared their time with me this week – over coffee – over cake – over a run – I think I’ve taught some people how rewarding it is to help others – how a selfless task can in fact be selfish (but not in a negative way) and to look after someone else is in fact looking after ourselves.

In life, it rains and it’s not about waiting for it to pass – it’s about being prepared and embracing what it has to offer.  Those with inner strength still turned up to run and accepting our feet were going to get wet we had a fantastic time – sometimes we stress about storms and what might happen rather than facing it head on and looking for rainbows……


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