Frilly Knickers and Happy Hormones

you know those pants you keep at the back of your drawer for special occasions? You know that glittery body cream you save for best?  You know that perfume you only wear when going on a date?  You know those luxury socks that feel amazing but you rarely wear because you have to hand-wash them?

None of us are immune – depression is not the sadness disease – it’s not for people who don’t “count their blessings” – it’s not for negative people – it doesn’t discriminate.  In fact – I’m convinced many of us catch it.  Not like the flu – not like “forgetting to wash our hands after going to the loo”.  As quoted by Dr Cantopher – depression is the curse of the brave.  Many of our great leaders did in fact suffer with depression.  People who push the boundaries – people who live life on the edge of their comfort zone – people who push and push until their limbit system breaks and the only remedy is medication and therapy.

For some the healing process is short and little intervention is needed.  For others – the self-drivers, the determined, the stubborn and the down right unbeatable – our mental health is strained by our willingness to excel.  I agree with Dr Cantopher – those I’ve met on my journey so far that have disclosed their suffering are remarkable outstanding individuals.  They break the mould and have achieved great things. And it’s those who are strong and made of special stuff, that have the strength to cope and to keep fighting.

Having lost my mum, and having dealt with truly life changing misfortune – I realise how short life can be and how you have to strive to not be that hamster on the wheel – to make change happen and to live life to the full.  Next time you reach for the “comfy bridget’s” tell yourself (with a Jennifer Aniston twang) “because I’m worth it” – wear your best pants and your favourite socks every day.  Even if you’re sat in bed – wear the Chanel eau de parfum and be the best you can be just for that day.

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