Oh dear lord – so now I’ve worked out what I’ve done with my format (coming from someone who works in IT even I’m having a chuckle at myself!)

Last night I went over to Mel’s house to watch the second and final part of the documentary – wow so emotional!  “They” say the pain is like childbirth – you soon forget about it – I swore on Sunday I would never run another marathon – yet here I am being asked if I’ll help some others get through it and I can’t seem to find the word “no”.  You would think after now 101 marathons it would be easy to say “no more” yet somewhere deep inside I want to help others feel the euphoria you feel at the end.

The winter training miles are tough – and that’s an understatement.  For me, my long runs are always on a Saturday morning – get them out the way and start at ridiculous o’clock so that I don’t impact the family too much.  Otherwise I fear it will be a dark cloud looming over the “meant to be having fun” weekend.

It’s a strange beast – and it is a beast – even the seasoned marathon runner knows the marathon can bite you hard, when you least expect it.  Injuries are all too common when you think everything is going swimmingly well.  As a qualified coach and experienced long distance runner – many people have asked me how I avoided injury – well it’s as simple as “listen to your body and look after your legs” – training runs should never be more than 3 hours and if something niggles – get it seen to.  Check your shoes regularly and never be afraid to ask for help and advice.  If your doctor/consultant says don’t run then don’t run! Think about what your main goal is and stick to it – if this means sacrificing times at other runs then so be it.

Any nutritionist will tell you to feed your body well with clean nutritious food.  But we’re talking marathons here – keep a mental food diary – if it works for you then stick to it.  Practise practise practise.  Never embark on a marathon without having tried and tested your meal plans.  I remember starting day 1 of 3 ultras in 3 days along the Atlantic Coast – I was happily chomping on a full English whilst hubby had a Pot Noodle the night before and a tiny bowl of porridge in the morning.  (I let him find out the hard way that he couldn’t smash it on that).

So next challenge? Well it looks like number 102 is on the cards – I guess if I want to continue to indulge in carrot cake I’d best keep on running!IMG_2419.JPG


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