What can you achieve in 4 weeks? Well for those that have taken a leap of faith, they are in awe of what they have achieved in 4 weeks but for one man in particular – he has achieved something bigger.  When Mark Baker stepped in my house to professionally clean my carpets, little did he know what he’d let himself in for.  Admiring my medal display and hearing what I did to achieve them he never thought he could be a successful candidate for the couch to 5km course with RIOT SQUAD.

Weighing in at over 25 stone, he wasn’t your typical runner.  On a diet of redbull and take-aways this was going to take some gentle handling.  I carried out a risk assessment and put some measures in place to ensure Mark’s health was paramount.  I stayed by his side throughout and spoke to him about small changes.  No crash diets, just trying to eat better cleaner food and to allow himself treats on the days that he trained – a lifestyle change without punishment.

Well I’m delighted to announce he’s 2 weeks off completing the course, he’s already completed a 5km race in Windsor and has lost a phenomenal 2 stone!  He’s made my day and I’m one very happy coach 🙂



4 weeks

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