Because I’m worth it….

As a mum,  I always put my needs last.  I make sure the bills are paid, my kids are fed and that there is a roof over our heads – but why do I put my needs last? Well, I guess I have low self-worth when it comes to priorities.

Something we are probably all guilty of?

I question every penny I spend on me – I do it for other stuff too but I forget to recharge my own batteries.   Someone once told me – if you need help – ask a busy person.  I will break my back to help someone in need, but I neglect to give myself what I need – and that’s time out.

Perhaps that is why I run so much.

When I’m running, I’m not working, I’m not cooking meals or planning the weekends or worrying about my children.  OK not strictly true but most of the time I get to switch off and just be.  Just live in the moment and allow myself some time away from my duties.

I may look and act like Superwoman, but my laundry basket is full, my toothpaste has run out and the milk went off 2 weeks ago. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m worth it – that my nutrition matters and no it’s not OK to have a diet coke and a bar of chocolate for dinner.

If I run myself into the ground – who is going to hold the fort at home?  Who’s going to get the kids to scouts? Who’s going to pay the mortgage if I lose my job?  Now i’m not suggesting that we have weekly facials or quarterly holidays, but once in a while – have a take away – book a hair appointment or ask a friend to watch the kids so you can go and have a well earned night out. When I lost my mum, and nearly lost my dad – it was a shocking reminder that life is so short; that you never know what’s around the corner.

So my advice – wear your best pants every day.

  • Wear that sparkly body lotion to the office (you know the one you save for special
    occasions).  Pay someone else to wash the car.
  • Pay the extra to get the shopping from Ocado once in a while – you don’t have to shop at Lidl every week just because there’s a voice on your shoulder telling you not to waste money – you can’t take it with you when you go.
  • When I take a group of runners out – I play my music – I sing from the top of my voice like I’m in the shower and no one is listening. (I did this in my car once and forgot I was driving a convertible – oops)

OK my voice isn’t the best – but you know what? it makes me feel good – it makes people smile – it makes 15542330_10154026004686302_2255265040639722096_nme smile.  In fact it makes people run faster to get away from my dreadful singing but hey – that’s a success right?

Tonight I’m going to do a bit of tidying up at home and then I’m going to take some time off and have some me time – why?

Because I’m worth it x


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